Monday, June 04, 2007

Queer Eye for the Van Guy?

Man, that heading makes no fucking sense. But what else should we call this segment, where we present a blank-canvas van, and you describe a fitting mural? DIY Van Mural - so boring? Suggest a name for this segment, and then tell me what type of mural would go best with the following van.

I'm honestly thinking about a desert Southwest or Aztec theme, but not in that whole annoying "Indians-selling-turquoise at every corner" type of way with a wolf on a mesa howling (although we all know that shit would be boss).

Here's how it'd go down - Teotihuacan style, with those crazy block pyramids found in Mexico and Central America. Obviously we're gonna have a real warm-color motif rockin, so I'm thinking on one side is like the back of some crazy chieftain with a sacrifice on the altar (and yes, I'd be willing to plunk a naked chick on there), all ready to slit her throat and bleed her out for the good of the city. Maybe the other side could be like a long shot of the whole scene, with the pyramids and ceremony in the distance, and a full-on embodiment of the scene. Who knows - maybe some Conquistadors looking in or something? Oh man, this has got all types of weird shit stewing in my head. But lots of red, yellow and orange (maybe some dark blue/black in the sky as contrast?), and mad thunder raining down. Plus, some of those crazy Aztec symbols and what not.


Blogger Julia said...

Oh man- I have to go with Thundercat-like figures that are half tiger, half-human. Maybe a tigress woman in a bikini?

12:27 PM  

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