Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why Windows Matter...

It's time ladies and gents, its time to get serious, to get weird, and well, to probably scare a few of our more squeamish readers.

That's right - its time to talk outfitting your rig with custom windows.

What kind of windows person are you? Are you the scary contractor type that goes completely dark, save the front windshield? Or are you the weird divorced dude that wears really high teal pleated shorts and a check-pattern shirt, with a ruddy complexion, big ol' receding hairline, and a grin like a retard just shit on your shoe, rockin the 1986 Vandura with more windows than you can smile your toothless grin at?

Me...I'm a simple man, much like the Skynard song, and I don't need a bright beam of light keeping whatevers in the back of my van illuminated at all times. Doesn't mean I don't want to know its there. So what would I go for?


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